Monday, August 21, 2023

i like michigan

Hey guys! I’ve been on break for a bit. We took a family trip to Michigan before our two girls left for college. I’d never been to Michigan! Conclusion: I’d go back. 

Lovely summer weather (75 as opposed to 96 at home) and it’s generally gorgeous. I learned what a Yooper is. I learned that hostas and hydrangeas and every kind of flower get ginormous and are super happy there. I learned there is a very large Christmas store in Frankenmuth (see photo above, I really wanted to buy more pink glass Christmas joy but was constrained by the size of my carry on)

I looked across the river at Canada. Hey, Canada! Maybe next time, Canada! I learned that Lake Huron has very clear water and wondered why water shoots spectacularly out the backs of the ferries. I learned where the good coffee is on Mackinac. I viewed lots of puzzling sculptures, saw more antique cars than you can shake a stick at, fled from yellow jackets, made friends with koi (I miss you, Spotty and Orangey), and toured a Frank Lloyd Wright house.

In short, it was fun. And now the girls are safely settled in at their schools and it’s back to 96 degrees and an empty nest. And designing stuff.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the Mitten. ✋

  2. Glad you enjoyed Michigan! I work for the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn. Love visiting with everyone! Especially fiber artists, creators!


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