Sunday, November 12, 2023

ghost couture

Making steady progress on the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come. Forgive my artistic license here, but I find I just can't restrict myself to varying shades of black. My apologies, Mr Dickens. 

The pointing hand is made with cotton pipe cleaners. It's easy, no worries. And I've decided I don't want to cover up any portion of his robe, so I think I will make the gravestone a separate ornament and throw it in as a bonus. 

I posted this initial test hood/head earlier and I'm still working out how best to do his facial features, which according to the text can't be seen at all. But there has to be a bead inside the hood, so I'll settle for casting his creepy face in deep shadow by wiring the rim of the hood. 

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  1. What if you painted the bead entirely black? That could help the ghost retain his mysterious air. Or even sew another piece of dark felt front of his face. That way the form of the bead is still in the hood, but viewing his face becomes inaccessible, which adds to the viewer's frustration.

    1. I was trying to avoid just painting the bead black, but you can certainly do that if you prefer! I'll see how the deep shadow thing goes.


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