Monday, February 19, 2024

What I'm up to

A good bit of my time is being spent on finishing up my ongoing website revamp, which has been a huge project and will continue to be for a while. All that behind-the-scenes work is partly why GOCYTC has not been released yet; the other part being after finally completing the pattern itself, I decided I don't like two of my finished final samples. After mentally wrestling with that I finally gave in, and I'm currently remaking those and will hopefully find a day to take photos later this week.

Also, I was cruising through Michaels the other day to pick up some DMC floss and saw this pack of already-smiling wood beads by Creatology. I bought them out of curiosity, and as you can see in the photo, they do appear to be the correct size for my ornaments! So if you hate adding the faces and have a Michaels handy, there you go! Just add hair. (Found them online also.)

(I did pause to wonder if the appearance of these 20 mm wood smiley faces might have something to do with all you busy Mmmakers out there? Is that even possible? Maybe just a coincidence?)

And just for fun, a shot of my achievement juice brewing into a fun new hedgie cup my daughter gave me. Isn't it cute? Me 'n hedgie gettin' things done.

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