craft class guidelines

Here are the terms for craft-loving fabric business owners who wish to conduct in-person classes using my sewing patterns. If you choose to proceed, you agree to the following terms:

  1. Please message me at and provide:
    Your name
    Business name
    Business address
    Dates for the class
    Number of people who will be making items from the pattern(s).
  2. Every sewer must own a copy of the patterns they are working with.
  3. 10+ students will receive a 20% bulk discount if your shop purchases the patterns in advance of the class on behalf of the students.
  4. If your students prefer to purchase their own digital copies, please have them sign up for your class and purchase the patterns at If there are 10+ students who purchase, send me a list of their names and I can issue a unique 20% coupon code for them to use or apply the discount retroactively to their order.
  5. If you purchase the patterns on behalf of your students, you agree to print a full, complete, actual size copy of the pattern(s) for each student, which they will be allowed to take with them.
  6. You agree to never digitally or manually alter or edit my original PDF files in any way.
  7. Unless you are given specific permission by me otherwise, you may use only the MAIN pattern images you can find at to promote your class, which always include the title of the pattern and my name. Here are a couple examples: 
  8. My name for your promotional text is: Designer Larissa Holland of MmmCrafts. Please use the full exact name of the pattern as it appears on the main pattern photo in your text, for instance "Colly Bird" as opposed to "calling bird" and "Twelve Days Ornament Series" as opposed to "Twelve Days of Christmas Patterns".
  9. My patterns are copyrighted and registered with the US government. My permission to print the patterns extends to the number of students/teachers allowed for in your purchased listing. 
  10. Because they are copyrighted, print and copy shops will not print the patterns for you without checking with me first. Let me know if that will be an issue, and I will gladly provide you with contact information.
  11. This agreement does not include permission to print and resell my patterns, either individually or as part of kits marketed to your shop patrons. This extends only to those who have paid for or are teaching your class. (If you'd like to sell materials kits in your shop, please check here for terms.)
Sound good? Great! Please get started by contacting me at You will need to have an Etsy account to purchase your patterns. It's easy, secure, and free to set one up, and I accept all major CC and PayPal. I look forward to helping you get started! :-)