Saturday, January 26, 2019

UK and Australian sources for wool felt

Photo: Lovely 100% wool felt samples and cards sent to me by from Cloud Craft UK

You guys know I have trusted felt vendors I work with here in the US, but because international shipping can get a little pricey I do get a lot of questions about where to source wool felt overseas. I asked my UK and AUS customers on FB where they purchase their felt and received so many helpful responses! Thank you! I thought I'd compile a handy list of some vendors* here for you. Might give you a good lead if you are looking for a domestic source!

*These have been recommended to me by other crafters and some vendors have kindly sent me samples/color cards (shown in the photos), but I have not personally sewn with their felt nor purchased items from them. This list is intended as a reference for your convenience only. Please use the same diligence and discretion you would use with any internet or in-store purchase.

Photo: Lovely wool blend felt color cards sent to me by Billow Fabrics UK

UNITED KINGDOM - in no particular order
  1. Billow Fabrics - National Nonwovens wool blend felts (some of the same colors that Benzie carries) ask them about bundles
  2. Cloud Craft - 100% wool felts (2 thicknesses), DMC flosses, and Sulky Stick N' Stitch
  3. Paper-And-String - Wool blend felts 
  4. Wool Felt Company - 100% wool felts
  5. Creative Craft Supplies - Wool blend felts
  6. Wool and Felt - 100% wool felt, offering different thicknesses
  7. Felt Better - 100% wool felt, ask about color packs

Photo: Lovely commercially dyed and hand dyed 100% wool felt samples and color cards from WinterWood AUS

AUSTRALIA - in no particular order
  1. WinterWood Felt and Craft Supplies - Warrenwood, Victoria. 100% wool felts, both commercially and hand dyed, wood beads
  2. Two Blue Birdies - Melbourne. 100% wool felts, plus metallic and glitter options
  3. My Felt Lady - Chinchilla, Queensland. 100% wool felts, plus metallic and glitter options
  4. The Home Patch - Bathurst, NSW. Wool blend felt.
If you've had a great experience with a wool felt vendor in the UK or Australia, feel free to leave it in the comments!


  1. Hands down My Felt Lady is the best place to obtain 100% merino wool felt. The quality of the product is second to none! She has an AMAZING range of colours, as well as seriously stunning glitter felts and metallic felts - I have shopped with My Felt Lady for years. She also happens to be super helpful and really fast with delivery as well!

  2. I've bought from Winterwood before and the felt is lovely quality and the service great and recently I ordered for the first time from Two Little Birdies and they were fabulous too , my parcel arrived really quickly Both great suppliers.

  3. I'm in Germany and had a hard time finding a vendor in my own town, so I was pleased to find this one online. Maybe it will help someone else too!

    1. Hey there! Thanks so much for sharing your German source for wool felt! That way I can pass it along if someone asks.

  4. Great supplier! I will recommend this to my friends

  5. Hello Larissa, I am so excited about your new bright colors for the 12 days ornaments, they are beautiful. I was wondering when will you post the last four - Emerald Colorway? I already purchased and made the gold and sapphire color story and I am anxiously waiting to start on the Emerald Colors.
    Thank you

    1. Hey there! I’m so glad you like the colorways for Felt On the Fly! I am putting together the 5th and last sample in the Emerald colorway this week. I’ll have those photos available soon for inspiration, but actually Janet already sells the color bundle in her shop if you’d like to order...


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