Wednesday, February 4, 2009

what I'm up to

Here's part of the pile currently residing on my desk. My oldest daughter lost her second tooth, so now is the time to make her a tooth pillow. I got a reprieve last time because she wanted to save her tooth and show it to her grandma that lives in Alabama, and somewhere along the way the tiny thing was lost. But now it is crunch time.

I made one tooth pillow and now I'm making another with a different twist to it. Per request it must be a ballerina fairy. In the doing I've discovered some aesthetic things I want to change about the pattern I did for this a while back, like the mouth is too wide in my opinion.

The other thing is making two soft wraps for colored pencils and a drawing pad. This project was a Christmas gift for my girls that never got made, so now I'm doing my best to have it ready for Valentines. My oldest unfortunately discovered the pencils and pads left out by mistake and keeps saying pointedly "I wonder who that is for, Mama? Is it for me?" sigh. I don't want to tell a lie, so I keep just ignoring her and making noncommittal noises.

I've seen the crayon rolls out there and love them, and adore the one in the book Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts, but I wanted to include a pad of paper, so now I'm making it up as I go along. Have you seen a pattern that accommodates a 6x9 inch pad of paper as well as pencils?

At least I get to use part of the 9 miles of bias tape I made a few months ago for them. I have a couple placemats I bought from Crate & Barrel's outlet site a while ago that I meant to convert to summery pillows or maybe a purse. I'm thinking they go pretty well with the bias tape for the drawing wraps. Orrrrrrr maybe not, as I stare at the photo above. Perhaps a bit busy. Maybe I'll still have 9 miles of bias tape after all.

(Postscript: About ten minutes after this post went live I received an e-mail from my friend ScrappinBethie with this link to EXACTLY the kind of wrap tutorial I need from Skip To My Lou. I musta pushed the easy button for that one.)


  1. What's up with making us wait all day for a post? Sheesh. ;)

    You could do something like Soulemama's Gratitude Wrap, but just change up the sizing & pockets to suit your needs. That ties shut and would be easy to throw in a quiet bag for church. And she uses bias tape, I think. When you get it perfected, I'll take two, please. :)

  2. Okay, a little scary how things are. Gretchen wants her's to be a 'ballerina fairy', I'm also having issues with the mouth, and the crown just isn't going on quite right. So, what do you do? Make a batch of brownies and start over. ;)

  3. Ok, I have to share this with you because somewhy ScrappinBethie didnt post it here, she emailed it to me. But it's exactly what I was lookin' for.

    Also, Robyn, I'm so so VERY sorry about the tardiness of the post. I'm sure when you have YOUR craft blog up and running...Oh, you knew I was going to say that.

    And Jessica (This Too!), that is totally freak-a-mondo. I'm so weirded out.

  4. I am the worst tooth fairy EVER! I have used the excuses that " the tooth fairy over slept..." " the tooth fairy forgot we moved... " and " the tooth fairy has a long list, we must be last..." to explain why she came while they were brushing their teeth for the morning. They all joke now about how bad the tooth fairy is at our house. Your children are going to be pleased. It is very cute!

  5. Sorry I did not psot it to comments, I am just lazy. I was at the other screen name and did not have my blog stuff saved on there. Blah blah I know. Glad it was what you needed.

  6. Hey! I bought those same placemats at the C&B outlet by my house, and used them to cover a board to make my daughter's desk bigger. (Covered with the fabric and then plexiglass.) Great pattern! :)

  7. Hi there! I realise that someone has already linked to a tutorial but I was looking for the same thing yesterday and found this tutorial which I thought was v. pretty.... Off to make one now for my dauther.

  8. cool--I wish I'd had something like that when my daughter was losing many teeth at the same time

    I think the pencil/pad holder is a good idea.

  9. oh, love the way that tooth has big teeth!


  10. LOVED your tooth fairy. It is just what I need for an article in the magazine I work at, for an article about first teeth. I'd love to print a photo of your fairy + the link to your site for people who'd like to make one.

    Would that be possible?
    We would need a high resolution photo
    The magazine is a health and wellness monthly printed in Israel (Menta).

    Could you possible send the reply to my email?
    I hope it is not too much trouble.


    miri dahan
    art director
    Menta magazine


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