Monday, March 11, 2019

Lady Dancing all in green

Hey, guys! Checking in! Been busy but not blogging, obviously. This lady dancing ornament is the final hand sewn sample in the Emerald colorway for Felt On The Fly. (The other two colorways are found here: Sapphire and Gold.) I need to photograph all five of the finished Emerald samples and post them, but it's super gloomy here. I'm waiting for some sunshine!

When I can get some well-lighted photos, I'll be posting detailed felt and floss color guides here on the blog so you can easily make all 15 of my jewel toned ornaments! In the meantime, you can purchase all three of the curated wool felt color bundles (Sapphire, Gold, and Emerald) at Felt On The Fly.

Each of the three FOTF colorways look lovely on their own, but I think they look especially wonderful all combined:

More photos and detailed color guides are coming when Mr Blue Sky cooperates.
Aaaaand I made a Pinterest board for these colorways.
P.S. have I mentioned I hate DST? #grumpy #uselesstimejump

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