Friday, January 6, 2023

humbug for my schmoopie - handmade gift 2022

I'm married to a tall, slender, wonderful man who does not love the hurry scurry flurry of December. He's all about faith, family, humor, and good times, but he is just so not about the long train of sparkly events and gift wrapped expectations around Christmas Day. 

In contrast, that poor man is married to me, a procrastinating perfectionist Christmas addict who loves everything about the holidays, even the hurrying, scurrying, and especially the flurrying. So much so that I often create more hurry and scurry than strictly necessary. 

He does his best to put up with the yearly cavalcade of Christmas crazy with no comment and only a little bit of good natured grinchiness. Bless him. So this year I crafted him this specially made-with-love Humbug ornament. Cute little guy! With his grumpy wumpy face and curly green antennae. So fun to make – I was smiling the whole time.

I put it together (at the 9th hour of course!) by modifying the head of Mr Scrooge, the body of Mr Marley, and the hat from Lord a-Leaping. I used a 22 mm head instead of 20 because I wanted to exaggerate it a bit, and I elongated and slimmed down the legs to look more like my beloved real-life six-feet-four-inch Christmas curmudgeon. 

His hair, insect feet, and hands are made from mini green chenille stems, which just do not photograph very well. They are not this neon bright in real life but somehow that particular shade just really blows out in my photos.

It will be so fun to put this Humbug up on our family tree year after year! And I hope it brings a grinchy smile to my sweetie's face every time he sees it.


  1. That’s fabulous!

  2. Oh my that's adorable. I'm upset because somewhere along the line I quit getting your e-mail newsletters and I don't see where I can sign up again. This happens to several of my bloggers.

    1. Yes, thanks, I believe Google discontinued their feed features and that included anyone who signed up to the feed via email. It's long been on my list to start my own newsletter but it's on top of a very big pile of to dos.

  3. This is wonderful. It makes me smile so much! I hope he loves it.

  4. This guy sure puts a smile on my face! Thank you for sharing your talent and gifts with us. :)


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