Thursday, December 19, 2013

hello, my name is Princess Candy Cane

Another ornament from the Wee Princess Pea pattern, this time for my sweet eleven year old Thing 1. I cannot wait for her to take this out of her stocking and see her hang it on our tree! I added a loop on the top of her head (that's the silver thread you see at the top there) and a wee little present in her hands. It's glued in place so it doesn't get lost. Her name is written in white ink on the gift tag, but I touched it out.

I didn't forget my Thing 2. Her princess ornament is next!


  1. I absolutely love the PatP pattern! And the ornaments made from it are just beautiful. This year my granddaughters got PatP books and dolls and mattresses from me, ala your friend Robyn. I think for their birthdays they will get wee Princesses! Thanks so much for your wonderful ideas and patterns!

    1. Hi, Linda, thanks so much! Your granddaughters are very lucky girls. Handmade gifts are so special! Love to see what you make.


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