Monday, December 9, 2013

Tucker's mouse in Homespun magazine, followed by a PSA

Hey Tucker, look, your wee mouse with his little book was featured in the December issue of Australian Homespun Magazine! And what a pretty cover! Thank you, Homespun.

I still can't upload new photos, so recently made crafty stuff will have to wait a bit. My Mac Mini had to have a hard drive transplant and an OS upgrade, and I'm still moving in. It's a good thing my nerd husband can replace computer parts (that's right, he is not just eye candy). Hard drives fail, folks. We've had to replace mine several times over the years. They are a moving part, so they will eventually break.

While I'm on the subject, may I suggest that you have at least one backup? Learn from my mistakes. I've lost data and precious photos in years past, and that is why I now have a remote backup running all the time (remote means to a distant server that is not located in my house), as well as a local backup to an external drive. I have 15 years of freelance work, photos, and music on my tiny Mac. You probably have pure gold sitting on yours too in the form of photos, purchases, music, etc. It's way too vulnerable to roof leaks, house fires, burglars, peanut butter and lightning strikes.

And if you are a blogger like me, consider backing up your blog too. Blogger offers a way to export your blog to an XML file, which I do periodically. Because you just never know when a server is going to throw a rod. Back up, y'all! PSA over.

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  1. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you to be featured in teh magazine! So cool!

    I need to do a better job of backing up. In so many ways.


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