Monday, March 18, 2019

FOTF felt & floss color guide for
Maid a-Milking (Gold colorway)

Here are the colors to use for Maid a-Milking (#8 in the series) if you are making my Twelve Days ornaments with Felt On The Fly's beautiful Gold felt bundle.
Sewing pattern can be purchased here.

Hat: Shrimp
Sleeves and Lower Body: Dark Teal
Upper Body: Turquoise
Apron: Raw Umber (Note: Raw Umber is unfortunately discontinued. Great substitute: Olive)
Skirt: Gold
Buckets: Brick
Decorative embroidery floss:
DMC white B5200
DMC 892
DMC 3845
DMC 831 (knots on upper sleeve)
DMC 3808
DMC 3852

Skirt: Gold
Decorative embroidery floss:
DMC 830
DMC 3808

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