Monday, March 18, 2019

FOTF felt & floss color guide for
Goose a-Laying (Emerald colorway)

Here are the colors to use for Goose a-Laying (#6 in the series) if you are making my Twelve Days ornaments with Felt On The Fly's beautiful Emerald felt bundle.
Sewing pattern can be purchased here.

Beak: Shrimp
Body: Malachite
Wing and Tail Feathers: Sprout
Wing Inset: Lemon Lime
Wing Flower: Deep Pink
(It's actually Cerise, but Deep Pink works fine if you don't have Cerise)
Neck Band: Sea Green
Nest: Olive
Straw A: Orange Red
Straw B: Deep Pink
Decorative embroidery floss:
DMC white B5200
DMC black 310 (eye)
(I also used an iridescent sequin behind the eye. If you don't have a sequin, use white floss for the eye so it's visible.)
DMC 934
DMC 943
DMC 166
DMC 906
DMC 720
DMC 892 (flower)

Front: Lemon Lime
Inset: Malachite
Decorative embroidery floss:
DMC white B5200
DMC 934
DMC 906
DMC 892
DMC 917

Body: Sea Green
(Upon reflection, I wish I'd used Sprout for the body back. I'll just leave that here...)
Nest: Olive
Decorative embroidery floss:
DMC white B5200
DMC 934

Back: Sea Green
Decorative embroidery floss:
DMC white B5200
DMC 934


  1. Hi, I haven't seen it anywhere (which does not mean it isn't there!) but I find that if you separate the strands and then put them together again, they make a much nicer flat and pretty stitch. Plus it tends to twist less. It's another step, which can be tiresome, but it has a nice result.

    1. Thanks! Agreed. Yes, that is the best way to strip floss, for sure, and the official way recommended by DMC. :-)


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