Tuesday, March 19, 2019

FOTF felt & floss color guide for
Piper Piping (Sapphire colorway)

Here are the colors to use for Piper Piping (#10 in the series*) if you are making my Twelve Days ornaments with Felt On The Fly's beautiful Sapphire felt bundle. Sewing pattern can be purchased here.

*You may be thinking, 'Wait, no, Piper Piping is number 11!' And you are right! It is #11 in the modern carol. But not in the original carol from 1780, which is what this series is based on. But maybe 1780 style is not your jam? No worries, see this post to easily re-number yours.

Hat, Cuffs, Leaves: Turquoise
Feather and Flower: Cerise
Tunic: Lavender Pink
Coat and Sleeves: Dark Teal
Body and Pipe: Brick
Decorative embroidery floss:
DMC white B5200
DMC 3804
DMC 919
DMC 3845
DMC 603
DMC 3808

Decorative embroidery floss:
DMC white B5200
DMC 3845

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