Monday, March 18, 2019

FOTF felt & floss color guide for
Partridge & Pear (Sapphire colorway)

Here are the colors to use for Partridge & Pear (#1 in the series) if you are making my Twelve Days ornaments with Felt On The Fly's beautiful Sapphire felt bundle.
Sewing pattern can be purchased here.

Body: Merlot
Beak: Deep Pink
Wing: Cerise
Breast: Turquoise
Beard: Shrimp
(option not shown: Plume: Caribbean Blue)
Decorative embroidery floss:
DMC white B5200
DMC 154
DMC 3845
DMC 608
DMC 3808

Front: Deep Pink
Inset: Merlot
Stem: Turquoise
Leaf: Caribbean Blue
Decorative embroidery floss:
DMC white B5200
DMC 3608
DMC 3845
DMC 3808

Lavender Pink
Decorative embroidery floss:
DMC white B5200
DMC 3808


  1. I have really enjoyed making your ornaments, they are a peaceful conclusion to a kid-filled day.
    Is there a reason this partridge doesn't have a feather plume like in the original pattern?

    1. Hi there! Yes, in my pattern update I made the plume optional. Some purists prefer no plume as it's hard to find a photograph of a partridge that actually has one. I grew up seeing partridge illustrations and images that all featured plumes. After doing some very surface level research I've concluded that perhaps quail used to be referred to as partridges in times past. Feel free to include the plume or not include it, whatever you like! :-)


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